Tin Cookie Cutters

General Specifications:
Our cookie cutters are made of tin plate. The cutting edge is ½” deep. Internal lines (if used) are 7/16” deep, so they cut about half way through 1/8” dough. Each cutter is soldered to a back that has air holes using lead free solder. Your cutter will be reversed, so when it is used, the design will be the same as your drawing.

Create Your Own Design:
Please see our COOKIE CUTTER INFO page for details on our many options.
Send us your custom design as a JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG or PDF file. Either actual size or no larger than 1,000 pixels.
When ordering, please specify the following options:
1. Rectangular back, trimmed back, or open back?
2. Handle? ($4.00 extra)
3. Hard back? ($14.00 extra) Note: Handles are not available with hard backs. (allow extra time)
4. Tin reinforcements, ($7.50)
5. Size (in inches, please)
6. Custom Stamp (lettering up to 18 characters) ($4.00 extra)
7. How soon do you need them?
8. What will you be cutting?
9. Do you have a UPS number that you would like us to use for shipping?

Be sure we have your correct address for shipping. (NOTE: SHIPPING TO USA ADDRESSES ONLY.)
NOTE: If your design has a lot of detail, we can come close to making your cutter exact, but cannot guarantee final results. For intricate details, consider using edible paper instead of a cookie cutter.

Turn-around time is approximately 1 week or less.

The price for custom cutters also guarantees that your design will not be made available to anyone else by us. We will not sign a non-disclosure form, because once you use your design, we cannot be responsible if someone copies it from you.

Tin Cookie Cutter Catalog

Select from over 5,000 of our designs!


Cookie Cutter Order Form

Choose from one of the thousands of designs in our catalog or create your own design by sending us a photo or artwork.

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Choose your Cutter Type, either one of the stock designs from our catalog or a custom design from your own photo or artwork.
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For multiple cutters, separate description with a comma. i.e. Moose, Donkey, Lion
Please check our Cookie Cutter Info page for detailed descriptions of options.
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