Tin Cans


Hand crafted tin cans circa 1850-1920. Labels are 1880-1920 from period tin cans. Labels are laser color copy reproductions and are of excellent quality!

Cans are made of tin plate, using hand powered antique equipment. We only use lead free solder.The cans are of the ‘hole-and-cap’ design (Unless it is not a vacuum packed can, such as baking powder, coffee etc… Bottom has relief for stacking) and they do not open.

This type of can was used from the mid 1850’s until WWI.

1 pound can is about   4 1/4″ x 3 3/8″ (about 23 fluid ounces).  2 pound can is about   4 3/4″ x 4 1/4″ (about 32 fluid ounces).  If no weight is given, we give weight according to the size of the can. The weight on the can label is different than the size of the can. We list the size of the can we make.

Cans are for decorative purposes only – the lids are soldered on.

Some cans have VERY PRETTY graphics on the back side too!! Both front and back are shown.

All cans are made to order.  Allow us time!

We use experts to date the labels. When we can not get a dating, we make our best guess from  the printing and type of label.

2pc = this label is made in two pieces

used = our copy of the label has been used

vsd = very slight damage to original label

sd = slight damage to original label

rp = original label has been ‘repaired’ enough to use

or = original label used on cans

md = major damage to original label

tc = tapered can

Any label with damage should be able to pass the “10 foot rule”.


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