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The Victor Trading Co. & Manufacturing Works LLC

114 South Third Street / Post Office Box 53

Victor, Colorado  80860-0053



our history

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We start out in 1984, as Morrison Trading Co. in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. We grow indian corn, gourds, dried flowers, pumpkins, broomcorn.... And we start doing craft shows. We then see a broom-maker in Amana Iowa and the famous words are heard.."WE COULD DO THAT". 


Next thing you know, we are driving to Tennesse to pick up unseen broom-making equipment from 1900. After re-building the equipment, we teach ourselves how to make the traditional 'shaker' style broom, but we add color to the broomcorn and they sell (very well) for a couple of reasons; WE make them and they are a VERY GOOD broom.


After several years of doing craft shows and demonstrating broom-making at said shows, we buy a 1900 building in the old gold mining town of Victor, Colorado. We move to Victor and quit doing shows. We now have a 'brick and mortar' location. We live upstairs and have our store and work area downstairs. It is time to change our business name. We are now The Victor Trading Co. & Manufacturing Works, LLC.


We add tinsmithing to the broom-making, letterpress printing and candle-making. Cookie cutters out of tin are a big hit. We have almost 3,000 designs and keep adding on. Custom cookie cutters are in great demand and we have made some really unusual cutters! Tin cans with copies of the old (1880's - 1920's) labels are also being made. We have 145 different labels that we offer.


Running the store, web site, internet business, making most everything we sell keeps us very busy and young! We have met some reallyt great people over the years and are happy to call many of them our friends!


So, keep stopping by, if only to say HI and give Cinder a pat.


Any concerns, questions or problems....please contact us: mail@victortradingco.com .                        © VTC 1998 - 2020