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cripple creek & victor maps

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**Click on images for larger copies, these pictures are not real clear, but the sets we are selling below are nice.

*These are really great maps, ALL the Sanborn fire maps for the Cripple Creek & Victor Mining District!*These have not been available before, now you can own your very own set and look up all sorts of interesting facts! Many mines and mills are listed as well as most small towns in the district.

*** These maps show all the blocks in town with addresses and descriptions of what was in the buildings at that time. Great information that you can't find anywhere else!***




Cripple Creek & Victor, Colorado Mining District

Insurance maps of Sanborn-Perris Map Co. New York, NY

(aka Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps)

Scale 50 ft to an inch


1894 Cripple Creek, El Paso County 

        including Victor, plus mills and mines. 9 sheets

1896 Cripple Creek, El Paso County

including Anaconda, Gillett, Independence, Altman, Goldfield

                plus mines and mills. 21 sheets

1900 Cripple Creek

            including Anaconda and Gillett plus mines and mills. 20 sheets

1908 Cripple Creek, Teller County

            with Winfield (estate of W.S. Stratton), Anaconda, Gillett, Elkton

                    plus mines and mills. 32 sheets

1919 Cripple Creek, Teller County

            with Elkton, Winfield plus mines and mills. 25 sheets

Bound at the top, 17" x 23" 107 sheets total $130.00


Cripple Creek Sanborn maps cripple creek sanborn maps #MAP-016 













Set 2 - VICTOR

1894 Victor, El Paso County

            (we have added this one page from the Cripple Creek set to the Victor Set to          make the Victor set complete)  1 sheet

1896 Victor, El Paso County

            plus mines. 7 sheets

1900 Victor, Teller County

            including Goldfield, Independence, Altman plus mines. 14 sheets

1908 Victor, Teller County

            with Midway, Altman, independence, Goldfield plus mines. 20 sheets

1919 Victor, Teller County

            with Independence, Altman, Midway, Goldfield plus mines. 14 sheets

Bound at the top, 17" x 23" 56 sheets total $80.00

victor sanborn maps victor sanborn maps #MAP-017












MORE MAPS: Black & white copies on paper, some are copies of copies.

 Sizes are approximate and subject to change.



map 001 #MAP-001 Plan of Principal underground workings at Cripple Creek 1905

31" x  40"  $4.00 (This map may be folded for shipping)











map 002 #MAP-002 Comparative depth of mine chart  12" x 18" $4.00












map 003 #MAP-003 Cripple Creek Gold Fields 1896  18" x 26" $4.00














map 004 #MAP-004 Economic Geology 1895 16" x 20" $4.00












map 005 #MAP-005 Geologic map and sections of the Cripple Creek District 1903  24" x 28" $4.00









map 007 #MAP-007 Mining Properties in the Cripple Creek District 1961   14" x 18" $4.00













map 008 #MAP-008     15 cities of the Cripple Creek District  11" x 17" $4.00. The dark spot on the lower left is on our copy, so it is on all copies.












map 009 #MAP-009 Cripple Creek Gold District 1896  11" x  17" $4.00












map 0010 #MAP-010 Routes of Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad  16" x 29" $4.00
















map 011 #MAP-011 Topographic map of the Cripple Creek District 1903   29" x 30" $4.00











map 012 #MAP-012 Surface holdings of the mining companies in the Cripple Creek Mining District 1900  23" x 30" $4.00. Black and white of a color map, map is dark.












map 013 #MAP-013 Cripple Creek District 1894 showing claims, 14" x 19" $4.00





















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