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tin cans

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We do not ship outside the U.S.A.


Hand crafted tin cans circa 1850-1920. Labels are 1880-1920. Period tin cans.

Labels are laser color copy reproductions. Excellent quality!

Cans are made of tin plate, using hand powered antique equipment. We only use lead free solder.

The cans are of the 'hole-and-cap' design (bottom has relief for stacking). They do not open.

top of cans bottom of cans CLICK HERE TO SEE "THE MAKING OF OUR CANS".

This type of can was used from the mid 1850's until WWI.

1 pound can is about   4 1/4" x 3 3/8" (about 23 fluid ounces)

2 pound can is about   4 3/4" x 4 1/4" (about 32 fluid ounces)

Cans are decorative only. The lids are soldered on.

Some cans have VERY PRETTY graphics on the back side too!! Both front and back are shown.

Click on picture to see a larger version. Tin Cans with paper labels.

We TRY to have 3-4 cans in stock at all times. If you need more than 3-4 of any single can,

 please give us time to make them up.

(Well that is not working! Almost all cans need to be made to order. A few cans will take a few days, large orders will take longer.)

We use experts to date the labels. When we can not get a dating, we make our best guess from

 the printing and type of label.

L-600Butterfly Brand, Sweet Corn, Olney & Floyd, Delta,
Oneida Co, NY, Westernville, NY  1 pound can 1890's #L-600  $14.00

L-601 Golden Grain, Sugar Corn, C. Burkhalter & Co, New York.
 Rome, Oneida Co., NY     1 pound can 1890's  #L-601   $14.00


L-602Forestville Brand, Sweet Corn, Forestville Canning Co,
Forestville, NY    1 pound can     1890's #L-602  $14.00

Olney & Floyd Electric Brand, Succotash, Westernville,
Oneida Co, NY     1 pound can  1900's  #L-603  $14.00  

L-604Butterfly Brand, Golden Wax  Stringless Beans,
Olney & Floyd, Westernville, Oneida Co, NY 1 pound can   1890's  #L-604  $14.00

Butterfly Brand, Golden Pumpkin, Olney & Floyd,
Westernville, Oneida Co, NY 1 pound can   1890's  #L-605   $14.00

L-606 Tin can only, no label   1 pound can 1850-1920 
#L-606  $12.00

L-606Butterfly Brand,  Boston Marrow Squash,
Olney & Floyd, Westernville Oneida Co, NY    2 pound can   1890's  #L-607   $16.00

L-608  Defy the World Brand,  Tomatoes, Sam'l L. Kelty
& Son, Quinton, Salem Co, NJ   2 lb 1 oz   1890's #L-608  $16.00


L-609Edmondson's Favorite, Blackberries, W.L.
Edmondson, Goin, Tenn.     2 pound can   1880's #L-609  $16.00

L-610Butterfly Brand,  Strawberry Beets, Olney & Floyd,
Westernville, Oneida Co, NY     2 pound can   1890's #L-610   $16.00  


L-611Tin can only, no label    2 pound can  1850-1920
 #L-611 $14.00

L-612 Ashland Brand, Tomatoes, W.A. Harrison,
Ashland, VA   2 pound can 1890's #L-612 $16.00

L-613Electric Brand,  Tomatoes, Olney & Floyd,
Westernville, Oneida Co, NY    2 pound can   1910's #L-613 $16.00

L-614 Favorite of Burgin Brand,  Tomatoes,
Burgin Packing Co., Burgin, KY     2 pound can    1910's#L-614 $16.00

L-615Butterfly Brand,  Red Kidney Beans, Olney & Floyd,
Westernville, Oneida Co, NY    1 pound can   1910's #L-615 $14.00

L-616Delicious Pie Fruit, Elderberries, The Ohio
Canning Co, Allegany NY    1 pound, 3 ounce can   1910's #L-616 $14.00

L-617Squaw Brand,  Choice Sifted Peas, Centerville
 Canning Co, Centerville,  MD      1 pound, 4 ounce can  1920's #L-617 $14.00

L-618 Isaacs Brand, Sifted Early June Peas,
John S. Isaacs, Ellendale, Del.1 pound,  4 ounce can 1920's #L-618 $14.00

L-619 Iona Brand, Peas, The Great Atlantic & Pacific
 Tea Co, Jersey City, NJ     1 pound can   1910's #L-619 $14.00

L-620 L.J. Callanan's 43 Brand, Sweet Corn,
Oneida NY   1 pound can 1900's #L-620 $14.00

L-621Clarke County Maid Brand,  Tomatoes,
W.L. Garrick, Thomasville, Ala.   1 pound, 3 ounce can 1920's #L-621 $14.00

L-622 Daisee, Apples, Harrman Co., Paterson, NJ 
 LARGE CAN. 6 pounds, 10 ounce.  6 1/8" x 7"  1910's #L-622 $18.00

L-623Queen of the Meadow, Cream Corn, Olney & Floyd,
Westernville, Oneida Co, NY   (completely wrapped can)  1900's 1 pound can #L-623 $14.00

L-624 Cloth of Gold, Succotash, Olney & Floyd, Westernville, NY    
1 pound can     1890's   ORANGE color label   #L-624 $14.00

L-625Fern Brand, Fresh Lobster, Clow & Son, Murray Harbour,
Canada    3½"x1¾"  1890's #L-625 $12.00

L-626Falcon Brand, Sugar Corn, Clinton Canning Co., Clinton,
Oneida Co. NY    1 pound can 1910's #L-626 $14.00

L-627Roman Gold Brand,  Tomatoes, Mason Canning Co,
 Mason, Ohio   2 pound can  1910's #L-627 $16.00

L-628Electric Brand,  Garden Spinach, Olney & Floyd,
Westernville, Oneida Co, NY    2 pound can    1910's #L-628 $16.00

L-629Electric Brand,  Red Kidney Beans, Olney & Floyd,
Westernville, Oneida Co, NY   1 pound can   1910's #L-629 $14.00

L-630Columbine, Evaporated Sterilized, Unsweetened  Milk,
Colorado Condensed Milk Co, Ft. Lupton, Johnstown, Platteville, Loveland, Colo.   6 ounce can 
 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"   1920's
(used label, but still nice) #L-630 $12.00

L-631XLent Brand, Tomatoes, N.H. Fooks & Co., Preston, MD    
10 ounce can.   2¾"x4"   1920's #L-631 $12.00

L-632 Defender Brand,  Tomatoes, Defender Packing Co,
Trappe, MD    10 ounce can.   2¾"x4" 1920's #L-632 $12.00

L-633 Indian Island Brand,  Fresh Deep Sea Lobster, Prowse & Sons,
Murray Harbour Canada   3"x 4¼" 1 pound can  1890's #L-633 $14.00

L-634 Electric Brand,  Golden Pumpkin, Olney & Floyd, Westernville,
Oneida Co., NY    1 pound can   1900's #L-634 $14.00

L-635 Mayfield Brand,  Triple Succotash, Gunn-Ellis Co, Inc,
Richmond, VA   1 pound, 3 ounce can    1920's #L-635 $14.00

L-636The Great Western Canning Co, Red Kidney Beans,
 Delphi, IND.    1 pound can  1920's #L-636 $14.00

L-637Wissahickon Brand, Tomato Pulp, H.G. Longaker Co.,
 Federalsburg, MD     10 ounce can.   2¾"x4"   1910's #L-637 $12.00

L-638 Rock Brand, Salmon, Pacific American Fisheries,
Bellingham, Wash. 1 pound can 1905 #L-638 $14.00

L-639Old Point Brand, Cut Cranberry Stringless Beans,
G.S. & F.E. Jewett, Norridgewock, Maine 1 pound  3 ounce can.  1900's #L-639 $14.00

L-640West Shore Brand,  Whole Refugee Beans, Newark,
Wayne Co, New York  (1 pound can size) 6 pound 6 ounce  1900's #L-640 $14.00

L-641White Frost Brand,  Cling Peaches, Mansfield, O  
1 pound, 12 ounce can.   1910's #L-641 $16.00

L-642L.A. Anthony, Blackberries, Yadkinsville, NC  
2 pound can 1880's #L-642 $16.00

L-643 L.A. Anthony,  Pie Peaches, Yadkinsville, NC    
 2 pound can 1880's #L-643 $16.00

L-644Skyline Brand,  Apples, The Colorado Packing Corp,
Canon City, Colo.  LARGE can  5 pound, 14 ounce can  1919   6¼"x7"  1920's
#L-644 $18.00

L-645Range Canning Co.,  BOILED Mutton,   LARGE can   6"x6"  
 Ft. McKavett, Texas 1890's #L-645 $18.00

L-646Fresh Columbia River, Salmon, Pillar Rock Packing Co.,
Pillar Rock, Wahkiakum Co, Wash.  15 1/2 ounce can   1910's #L-646 $14.0

L-647St. George,  Boiled Beef, St. George Preserving & Canning Co Ltd,
 Dunedin, NZ    32 ounce can. Tapered Can  32 oz.   5¾"x4" 1890's #L-647 $18.00

L-648Barefoot Boy Brand,  Tomatoes, New Federal Canning Co.,
Frankfort, Indiana    2 pound can   1910's #L-648 $16.00


L-649Cross Roads Brand,  Syrup, W.B. Roddenbery, Cairo, GA   
 2 pound, 5 ounce can  1920's #L-649 $16.00

L-650 Ye Olde English Plum Pudding, Irvine & Stevenson's, St. George Co,
Ltd, New Zealand  Tapered Can,  1 pound can   3½"x4¼"      1890's  #L-650 $18.00

L-651Oatman's Dundee Brand,  Evaporated Milk, The Oatman Condensed
 Milk Co, Dundee, Illinois   1 pound can   (used label-repaired)  1920's #L-651 $14.00

L-652L.G. Yoe & Co. Old Time Maple Syrup  Rectangular can with
spout/handle  10" x 4 7/8" x 2 1/2"  1900's #L-652 $31.00

L-653Olney & Floyd, Lima Beans, Westernville, Oneida Co, NY   
 2 pound can  1890's #L-653 $16.00

L-654The Gold Band Brand,  Apricots, California Fruit Canners Assoc,
San Francisco, Calif.    1 pound,  13 ounce can    1910's #L-654 $16.00

L-655Menlo Brand,  Green Gage Plums, Sunlit Fruit Co, Berkeley  Cal.    
28 ounces    1910's #L-655 $16.00

L-656Cherry Hill, Tomatoes, The Cherry Hill Fruit Farm, Toboso,
Licking Co., Ohio   2 pound can  1910's #L-656 $16.00

L-657 Peacock's Jam,  Black Currant, G. Peacock's Factories,
Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Dunedin     2 pound can  1890's #L-657 $16.00

L-658Peacock's Jam,  Raspberry, G. Peacock's Factories, Hobart,
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Dunedin     2 pound can   1890's #L-658 $16.00

L-659High Grade Brand,  Bartlett Pears, California Packing Corp,
San Francisco, Cal.    1 pound, 14 ounce can   1920's #L-659 $16.00

L-660 Highland Brand,  Lemon Cling Peaches, Selma Canning Co,
Selma, California     1 pound, 14 ounce can      1910's #L-660 $16.00

L-661High Grade Brand,  Yellow Cling Peaches, California Packing Corp,
San Francisco, Cal.    1 pound, 14 ounce can  1920's #L-661 $16.00

L-662California Fruit,  German Prunes, Hercules Packing Co,
San Francisco, Cal.     2 pound can  1880's #L-662 $16.00

L-663 Mt. Hamilton Brand,  White Asparagus, California Fruit Canners
Assoc., San Francisco, Calif.    1 pound,  15 ounce can    6¼" tall 1900's #L-663 $16.00

L-664Peacock's Jam,  Apricot, G. Peacock's Factories, Hobart,
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Dunedin     2 pound can   1890's #L-664 $16.00

L-665Griffin Extras, Boston Baked Pork & Beans with Tomato Sauce,
California Fruit Canners Assoc., San Francisco, CA    2 pound can 1900's #L-665 $16.00

L-667Home Brand, Sliced Lemon Cling Peaches, California Fruit
Canners Assoc. San Jose, California   2 pound can  1900's #L-667 $16.00

L-668Home Preserving Company's Extra Standard Brand,  Apricots,
California Table Fruit,   1 pound can  1890's #L-668 $14.00

L-669Highland Extras, Selected California Fruits, Highland
 Packing Co, Yuba City, Sutter Co. Cal.    2 pound can  1880's #L-669 $16.00

L-670 Hanover Brand,  Succotash, The Hanover Preserving Co.,
Cleveland 1 pound, 4 ounce can.  1910's #L-670 $14.00

 L-672 Pride of the Rockies Soap, Denver, Col.  Copy of
original soap label wrapped on wood.  1893 #L-672 $6.95

L-674L-674Monogram Brand, High Grade Coffee,
 F.W. Wagener & Co, Charleston, SC   LARGE can with label on top too.  2 pounds.   
 Lid can be removed if label is cut, as with the  original. 1900's #L-674 $22.00

L-675W.G. Tobin's, Chili-Con-Carne, Range Canning Co.
 Fort McKavett, Texas.  1 pound can 1890's #L-675 $14.00

L-676 Range Canning Co., Boiled Mutton, Small Can, 4"x2½",
 Fort McKavett Texas 1890's #L-676 $16.00

L-677Green Hill Brand, Spinach, The Colorado Packing Corp,
 Canon City, Colo.   1 pound, 9 ounce can  1910's #L-677 $16.00

L-678Bob White Brand, Pumpkin, Albert Webb, Vienna, MD 
2 pound can. 1910's #L-678 $16.00

L-679 Home Canners Brand, Blackberries, H.P. Lau Co.,
 Fremont, Neb., Lincoln, Neb.   6 pound, 7 ounce. LARGE  can. 1910's #L-679  $18.00

L-680Little Fairies Baking Powder, Lincoln Chemical Works,
Chicago, ILL.  15 ounce can.  1910's #L-680 $14.00

L-681Marvel Brand, Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple, Webster
Grocer Co., Danville, Illinois   14 ounce can.  1920's #L-681 $14.00

L-682Honeysuckle Brand Fruits Egg Plums, California Packing
 Corp., San Francisco, Cal.  1 pound. 13 ounce can. 1920's #L-682 $16.00

L-683Elkay, Pure Phosphate Baking Powder, L. Klein (Chicago) 
1 pound. Tall can 1920's #L-683 $14.00

L-684The Meigs Meadow, Tomatoes, The Dana Canned Goods
Co, Belpre, Ohio, Carthage, Ind.   2 pound can. 1890's #L-684 $16.00

L-685Flicker Brand, Tomatoes, The Mason Canning Co., Mason,
 Ohio  2 pound, 1 ounce can. 1920's #L-685 $16.00

L-686Elkay, Cocoa, L. Klein (Chicago)  1 pound can 1920's 
#L-686 $16.00

L-687 Honeysuckle Brand, Hawaiian Fruits, Sliced Hawaiian
 Pineapple. California Packing Corp., San Francisco, Cal.  1 pound,14 ounce can.  1920's
 #L-687 $16.00

L-688Gold Dust Brand, Green Gage Plums, Sacramento
 Packing Co., Sacramento, Cal. (San Francisco, Cal.) 2 pound can. 1910's #L-688 $16.00

L-689The Gold Band Brand, Yellow Cling Peaches, California
 Packing Corp. San Francisco, California  1 pound, 13 ounce can. 1910's #L-689 $16.00

L-690Fruits of California, Whole Dessert Yellow Cling Peaches,
San Jose Fruit Packing Co., San Jose, Santa Clara Co, California  2 pound can  1880's
#L-690 $16.00

L-691Carroll's Hand Packed, Tomatoes, J.M. Carroll, Marion,
Indiana.  1 pound, 3 ounce can. 1910's #L-691 $14.00

L-692Modoc Brand, Sliced Lemon Cling Peaches, California
Fruit Canners Assoc. San Francisco, Cal. 2 pound can. 1920's #L-692 $16.00

L-693Bess Milk, Sterilizes, Unsweetened Evaporated Milk,
United Milk Products Corp., Cleveland, Ohio.  1 pound can. 1910's #L-693 $14.00

L-694Fairview Brand, Cut Stringless Cranberry Beans, Twin
Mountain Packing Co., Norridgewock, Maine 1 pound can 1911 #L-694 $14.00

L-695 Westwood Brand, Tomatoes,  General Grocer Co.
St. Louis, MO.  1 pound, 3 ounce can.  1920's #L-695 $14.00

L-696Elkay, Malt Extract, L. Klein, Chicago. 2½ pound can.
1920's #L-696 $16.00

L-697Polly Brand, Peeled Tomatoes, Italian Style,
 Donna, Texas  1 pound, 3 ounce can.  1920's #L-697 $14.00

L-698   Fruit of California, Dessert Bartlett Pear Halves,
San Hose Fruit Packing Co. San Jose, Santa Clara Co, California 2 pound can 
1880's #L-698 $16.00

L-699Crystal Baking Powder, Harrisburg Baking Powder Co.
Harrisburg, ILL.  1 pound can. 1910's #L-699 $14.00

L-6100 Fruits of California, Dessert Strawberries, San Jose
Fruit Packing Co. San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California  1 pound can  1880's #L-6100 $14.00

L-6101Range Canning Co., BOILED Mutton,   Medium Can,  4¼"x4¼"  
Ft. McKavett Texas   1890's #L-6101 $16.00

L-6102Range Canning Co, ROAST Mutton, Meduim Can,  4¼"x4¼" 
Fort McKavett, Texas 1890's #L-6102 $16.00

L-6103Range Canning Co., ROAST Mutton, LARGE Can 6"x6" 
Fort McKavitt, Texas   1890's #L-6103 $18.00

L-6104 Extra Fancy Hand Pack Tomatoes J.F. Standiford & Son,
 Licking, KY, P.O. Ewing, R. No. 1,   2 pound can 1900's  #L-6104 $16.00

L-6105Shawnee Brand Hand Packed Tomatoes, Packed by
Braithwaite Bros.,Cross Junction, VA.  2 pound can.  1900's #L-6105 $16.00

L-6106 Lark Brand Tomatoes, Packed by Albert Webb, Vienna, MD.
2 pound can.  1910's #L-6106 $16.00

L-6107Kirk Sweet Potatoes. David Kirk, Sons & Co., Ltd. Findlay, Ohio.  
 2 pound can 1920's #L-6107 $16.00

L-6108 Tropic Brand Peas. Packed for Mitchell, Fletcher Co. Philadelphia, 
1 pound, 4 ounce can. ( Plain label dark blue on cream paper.) 1910's #L-6108 $14.00

L-6109Home Packed Beef. Packed by C.S. Canfield, Delevan, N.Y.
For M.H. Demmon, Delevan, N.Y.  1 pound 5 ounce can.  T.B. Tested. (Black on tan paper.)
1900's #L-6109 $14.00

L-6110 Pierpole Brand Maine Apples. Packed by C.H. Brackley,
Strong, Maine.  5 pound 14 ounce  LARGE can. 1920's  #L-6110  $18.00

L-6111Home Grown Brand Pumpkin. Extra Choice. Put up by
E.D. Green, Dorset, Ohio. 2 pound can. 1890's  #L-6111 $16.00

L-6112Old Orchard Tomatoes. Full Weight, Solid Packed.
(Early Label, repaired, has 1 good side). 2 pound can. 1890's #L-6112  $16.00

L-6113 Gold Ribbon Brand Bartlett Pears. Packed by Griffin &
Skelley Co., Fresno, California. Fancy Extra Standard California Fruit. (Early Label, repaired,
 has 1 good side). 2 pound can. 1890's # L-6113 $16.00

L-6114Popular Brand Tomatoes. Extra Quality. Packed by Wm.
 Fait Company, at Baltimore, MD., U.S.A. (Old label, repaired, has 1 good side). 2 pound can.
1890's #L-6114 $16.00

l-6115Peacock's Jam Melon & Lemon. St. George Co. Ltd.,
Dunedin, N.Z. 6¾ Lbs. LARGE can 5½" x 6½"  1880's  #L-6115   $18.00

L-6116Butterfly Brand Red Salmon. Alaska Packers Association,
San Francisco. Packed in Alaska.  1 pound can. 1920's  #L-6116 $14.00

L-6117Peacocks's Jam, Raspberry. G. Peacock's Factories,
Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Dunedin. (Older label than #L-658.) 28 ounce can.
1890's# L-6117 $16.00

L-6118St. George Concentrated Tomato Soup, Fortified with Ex-Ox.
 Packed by Irvine & Stevenson's, St. George Co. Ltd., Dunedin N.Z. 1 pound, 8 ounce can.
1920's  #L-6118  $16.00

L-6119St. George Rabbit in Jelly. Table Delicacies. Prepared by
 Irvine & Stevenson's, St. George Co. Ltd. Dunedin, N.Z.  14 ounce can. 1890's  #L-6119 $14.00

L-6120 Girls C & P Club Demonstrator "Motto- To Make the Best Better.
Club No.____ Member's No.____ 2 pound can  1890's  #L-6120 $16.00

L-6121Stickley's Hand Picked Peaches. Grown and Packed by
W.E. Stickley & Sons, Strasburg, VA. 1 lb. 15 oz or over  1900's  #L-6121 $16.00

L-6122Maine Corn. Packed Expressly for C.H. Towle,
 Concord, Mass.  1 pound can.  1910's  #L-6122 $14.00

L-6123Dana's Brand Tomatoes. Packed by the Dana Canned
Goods Co. Belpre and Beach City, O. Carthage and Paris Crossing, Ind. 1 pound can.
1900's #L-6123 $14.00

L-6124 Elk Lick Brand Extra Sweet - Fancy Corn. The Steele &
Meredith Co. Distributors Springfield, Ohio. 1 pound, 4 ounce can.  1920's  #L-6124 $14.00

L-6125 Fancy Home Packed Corn - Tomatoes. Packed by J.J. Lassiter,
Cherokee Cannery 0 Cedartown, Georgia. 1 pound, 3 ounce can. 1920's  #L-6125 $14.00

L-6126 Finchville Brand Tomatoes Packed fresh from the fields,
for fine trade. Packed by J.T. Wheatley, Finchville, MD  2 pound can.  1900's #L-6126 $16.00

L-6127J. Langrall & Bro., Inc. Baltimore, MD. June Peas. Below
Standard in Quality, Good food not high grade.  1 pound, 4 ounce can.  1920's# L-6127 $14.00

L-6128 Fort Lewis Brand Hand Packed Tomatoes. Packed by
 Atkins & Jeter. R. No 1, Roanoke, VA. Factory Ironto, VA. 2 pound can. 1910's #L-6128 $16.00

L-6129 Bridge Brand Fresh Preserved Blueberries, Packed by
 Hanson Bros. Little Lepreaux, N.B. Canada. Ready for use. Very rich in flavor, Try them.  
1 pound can.  1890's  #L-6129 $14.00

L-6130Defender Brand tomatoes. Packed by Defender Packing Co.,
Trappe, MD.  2 pound can.   1920's  #L-6130 $16.00

L-6131Defender Brand Tomatoes Packed by Defender Packing Co.,
Trappe, Talbot Co. MD.  2 pound can.   1910's  #L-6131 $16.00

L-6132St. George,  Curried Mutton, St. George Preserving & Canning
Co Ltd, Dunedin, NZ    1 pound Tapered Can .   3½"x4¼" 1890's  #L-6132 $18.00

L-6133St. George,  Boiled Mutton, St. George Preserving & Canning
Co Ltd, Dunedin, NZ    1 pound Tapered Can.   3½"x4¼" 1890's  #L-6133 $18.00

L-6134St. George,  Oxford Sausage, St. George Preserving & Canning
Co Ltd, Dunedin, NZ    1 pound Tapered Can.   3½"x4¼" 1890's  #L-6134 $18.00

L-6135St. George,  Roast Mutton, St. George Preserving & Canning
Co Ltd, Dunedin, NZ    1 pound Tapered Can.   3½"x4¼" 1890's  #L-6135 $18.00

L-6136L-6136Onley & Floyd, Queen of the Meadow Cream Succotash,
Westernville, Oneida, CO.,NY 1 pound can. (Completely wrapped can.) 1900's. #L-6136 $14.00

L-6137 Olney & Floyd, Cloth of Gold Succotash, Westernville, NY.
 BLUE color label. 1 pound can. 1890's  #L-6137 $14.00

L-6138Olney & Floyd, Cloth of Gold Succotash, Westernville, NY.
YELLOW color label. 1 pound can. 1890's  #L-6138 $14.00

L-6139 Olney & Floyd, Cloth of Gold Succotash, Westernville, NY.
SALMON color label. 1 pound can. 1890's  #L-6139 $14.00

L-6140N. Winslow & Co., Green Corn, Portland ME  1 pound can. 
1880's. #L-6140 $14.00

L-6141W.D. Peacock & Co. Canned Tomatoes, Haobart, Tasmania. 
2 pound can.  1880's.  #L-6141  $16.00

L-6142Olney & Floyd, Queen of the Meadow, Sugar Corn.
Westernville, NY  1 pound can.  1910's.  #L-6142  $14.00

L-6143 Fruits of California, Dessert Royal Anne Cherries.
San Jose Fruit Packing Co., California. 1 pound can.  1890's # L-6143  $14.00

L-6144Olney & Floyd, Red Shield Sweet Corn, Westernville,
Oneida Co., NY  1 pound can.  1890's  #L-6144  $14.00

L-6145J. C. Downs, Jr., Mountain View Tomatoes, Caser, NC. 
2 pound can.  1880's  #L-6145  $16.00

L-6147Suprema Brand Fancy Tomatoes, Colorado Packing Corp.,
Canon City, Colo.  1 pound, 3 ounce can.  1910's  #L-6147  $14.00


L-6148 Kehre's Brand Hand Packed Tomatoes, Spring River Canneries,
 Verona, MO. (Slight damage).  2 pound can  #L-6148  $16.00




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