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Cookie Cutter Design Pages Listed Below:

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Below are pictures to explain the various options we offer for our cutters. Click on the small picture to see it larger.




cutter with hard back

cutter with hard backCutter with HARD BACK attached with stainless steel nuts and bolts.

This is great for cutter that will have hard use and/or large cutters.








cutter andjcookieCustom cutter with INTERNAL LINES along with the cookie made from it.

INTERNAL LINES that just mark the dough, they are 1/16" shy unless otherwise specified.








cookie internal linesAnother cookie made with a cutter using INTERNAL LINES to mark the dough.


















cutter without handle


Back of cutter without HANDLE.



back of cutter with handleBack of cutter with HANDLE.








trimmed backtrimmed backCutters with TRIMMED backs.












rectangular backrectangular backCutters with RECTANGULAR backs.











open backCutter with OPEN BACK WITH BAR. This may be easier to use, but it is not as sturdy as a cutter with a back.













line drawingThis is what is known as a LINE DRAWING. The cutter with look exactly line the drawing.

It will be reversed when soldered to the back to the cookie with be facing the same direction

as the drawing.




silhouetteThis a black and white SILHOUETTE, this can also be used to make the cutter from. Just the outline.











reinforcementsreinfocementsTIN REINFORCMENTS can be added to the edge of the cutter and the back to make it more durable and sturdy.








stampingCustom STAMPING. Letters are 1/16" high. Maximum of 18 letters and spaces.







mark the doughCookie with INTERNAL LINE that just mark the dough.








cut outCookie with CUT OUT.








What we need for a good silhouette picture:




Background too busy...not good.










Cut off back of head. Taken too far from the back, can not see face....not good.












Bad angle, too much shadow, taken from too high up...not good.











badToo dark, has a shadow behind. Too hard for us to see the face.....not good.











GoodGOOD! Taken at ear level with contrasting background, no shadow, whole head included.

This is the type of photo we need to produce a good silhouette cutter for you.











Martha stewart weddings

The page out of MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS featuring bride and groom silhouette cookies made from our cutters. We can make your very own bride and groom custom cutters for $35.00 each (plus shipping and options).





Matthew mead holidaysThe page out of MATTHEW MEADS HOLIDAYS featuring children silhouette cookies made from our cutters.













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